Festivals are an integral part of every religion around the world.  Different religions and cultures celebrate their own set of festivals for various reasons.  Legends, tales and sentiments are associated with festivals.

Festivals are a time to celebrate life with food; shopping, outings, and family get together, rituals and prayers.  It is something to look forward to, which perks up an otherwise mundane life.


Hindu Festivals
Hindus celebrate festivals throughout the year.  The Hindu calendar of different regions informs the dates on which the festival falls.  Some of the reasons for celebrating festivals are to herald the seasonal change, harvesting time, remembering saints, mythological events and birth of valiant mythological figures.  Giving and sharing are two valuable values that are practiced during Hindu festivals. The 12 months in the Hindu calendar and the festivals celebrated in each of these months are:

  1. Chaitra (March – April)
  2. Vaishākh (April – May)
  3. Jyaishtha (May – June)
  4. Adhika Āshādha Masa – 17th June to 15th July 2015
  5. Āshādha (July – August) – From 16th July to 14th August 2015
  6. Shrāvana (August – September) – From 15th August to 13th September (2015)
  7. Bhādrapad (August – September)
  8. Āshwin (September – October)
  9. Kārtik (October – November)
  10. Mārgashīrsha (November – December)
  11. Paush/Pushya (December  – January)
  12. Māgh (January – February)
  13. Phālgun (February – March)

Pooja or Vratha/Religious observance celebrated throughout the year:

  1. Shri Sathyanarayana Swamy Vratha
  2. Udaka Shanthi Pooja

Hindu festival, rituals and pooja related general information are as follows:

    1. Aarathi
    2. Aarathi Songs Lyrics: Lakshmi, Gowri, Ganesha, Tulasi Devi, Saraswathi Prarthana
    3. Gejjevastra
    4. Kalasha
    5. Mangala Drowya and Pooja items
    6. Manthrakshathe
    7. Morada Bagina
    8. Panchamrutha
    9. Shankranthi Yellu
    10. Thorana
    11. Visarjana Manthra
    12. Habbada Adige (Festival Food)
    13. Habbada Thindi and Panaka (Festival Sweets, Savories, and Drinks)
    14. Hoovilya
    15. Upanayana

Buddhist Festivals

  1. Buddha Poornima in Vaishakh (April – May – June) – 1st June 2015

Jain Festivals

  1. Mahaveera Jayanthi in Chaitra (March – April) – 2nd April 2015

Christian Festivals

  1. New Year – January 1st
  2. Valentine’s Day – February 14th
  3. Easter – Good Friday
  4. Thanksgiving
  5. Halloween
  6. Christmas – December 25th

Muslim Festivals

  1. Ramzaan
  2. Bakrid
  3. Moharram
  4. Id Milad

Sikh Festivals

  1. Guru Nanak Jayanthi

National and State Festivals of India

  1. Republic Day of India – January 26th
  2. Labor Day – May 1st
  3. Independence Day – August 15th
  4. Teacher’s Day – September 5th
  5. Gandhi Jayanthi – October 2nd
  6. Karnataka Rajyotsava – November 1st
  7. Children’s Day – November 14th

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