Vegetarian Recipes

Aloo Bhaji

Alu Bhaji

A simple and easy to prepare Potato side dish.  Alu Bhaji is prepared in North India on a daily basis and is served with Poori and Phulka. Time Required: 30 Minutes Ingredients: 4 Potatoes 1 … [Read More...]


Boiled Tapioca

Boiled Tapioca is very popular in Kerala. This is served with different types of chutneys. Time Required: 10 Minutes … [Read More...]


Masala Puri

A favorite evening snack among Mysoreans and Bangaloreans.  The gravy is prepared using Peas and spices and the snack is arranged in layers, with crushed crispies as the base, hot peas gravy over it, … [Read More...]


Green Apple Milk Shake

You might ask me why Green Apple and not Red? All varieties of Apples can be used, Green Apple adds more sourness to the shake. Time Required: 10 Minutes Ingredients: 1 Green Apple 2 … [Read More...]


Hesarukalu Kosambari

Hesarukalu Kosambari is a South Indian salad with sprouted green gram. Time Required: 10 Minutes + Soaking time Serves: 4 Ingredients: 2 Cups Sprouted Hesarakalu/Green Gram 1 Cup Grated … [Read More...]


Heerekayi Chutney

A chutney prepared using Ridge Gourd. Ingredients: 1 Cup Fresh Coconut 1/2 Cup Ridge Gourd, Peeled and Cubed 1tbsp Bengal Gram 1/2tbsp Black Gram Split(Urad Dal) 1/4tsp Asafoetida(Hing) 6 … [Read More...]


Kavalikayi Uppinakayi

Kavalikayi is also known as Karonda, Natal Plum, or Carissa. The fruit is small and oval in shape with a sharp taste. Perfect for pickling! Time Required: 20 Minutes + Maturing … [Read More...]


Mango Juice

Summer is the time when Mangoes are available in abundance. A drink of chilled fresh Mango juice is the right way to beat the heat. Time Required: 5 Minutes + Chilling Time Ingredients: 1 … [Read More...]




The historic place of Srirangapatna / Srirangapattana is situated on the banks of river Cauvery at 15 Km from Mysore. Srirangapatna is noted for its ruler Tipu Sultan, the Ranganatha Temple, … [Read More...]


Raja Seat – Coorg

Raja Seat means King’s Seat. It is view point in Coorg, which used to be a favorite place for the royals of Kodagu to hang out and watch the sun setting in the horizon. A small structure is built with … [Read More...]


Mallur Krishna Temple

Aprameyo hrishikeshah Padmanabho mara prabhuh | Vishwakarma manustvstha Sthavishtah sthaviro dhruvah|| -Verse from Vishnusahasranama (1000 names of lord Vishnu) Mallur also known, as Doddamallur … [Read More...]

Kabini Dam

Kabini Dam

Kabini Dam is built over Kabini River (Kapila) and is located near Beechanahalli Village, Heggadadevanakote (H.D.Kote) taluk. It was built in 1974 and is 58 (190 feet) meters in height and 696 … [Read More...]


Attiveri Bird Sanctuary

Picture1 - Guards and officials of Attiveri at the entrance of the Sanctuary Attiveri bird sanctuary is situated in Kalghatgi taluk, Dharwad district of North Karnataka. It is spread over an area … [Read More...]

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Common Leucas – Thumbe Hoovu

During Sankashta Ganapathy pooja, I remember collecting the flower and leaves of Thumbe Hoovu growing in empty sites for my parents. Later I used to collect them for Mauna Gowri Pooja. Many people … [Read More...]



Davana is an aromatic herb sold, tied as bunches by the flower sellers. Davana and Maruga / Majorma bunches sell the most during Ganesha-Gowri festival. Plant Summary: The botanical name is … [Read More...]



Public gardens are incomplete without this plant. Allamanda is a very attractive plant that catches your eye instantly and becomes a center of attraction in any garden. Allamanda is a native of South … [Read More...]


Gulgangi Tree

I was very fond of the huge Gulgangi tree in our school grounds.   It provided shade to batches of students for years.  Many students would sit in groups and enjoy their lunch under the shade of the … [Read More...]



The botanical name of Datura is Datura innoxia and belongs to the family Solanaceae. The other common names are Horn of Plenty, Downy Thorn Apple, Safed Dhatura (Hindi). Datura is a … [Read More...]

Chaste Tree

Chaste Tree

In winter, I keep dreaming about the flowering trees of Bangalore-Mysore during spring and summer. One such soothing flowering tree of summer is the Chaste tree. Chaste Tree is also known as … [Read More...]

Tropical Sage

Tropical Sage

Botanical name is Salvia Coccinea and belongs to Lamiaceae family.  Other common names of Tropical sage are Texas sage, Scarlet sage, Tropical Sage, and blood sage. Tropical Sage is a perennial … [Read More...]

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