Mallige Idli

Mallige Idli

Mallige Idli is steamed rice cake. This is a healthy breakfast served in almost all South Indian households. Mallige means Jasmine flower. The end product of this recipe are Idlis as soft as the … [Read More...]

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Beetroot Palya

A side dish prepared using Beetroot in South Indian style. Time Required: 15 Minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 2 Big Beetroot 4 – 5 Green Chilies, Slit Few Curry Leaves 1 – 2 tbsp … [Read More...]



Typical Kerela crepe/pancake prepared using rice and coconut milk.  Appam is relished with Ishtew a vegetable side dish. Cuisine: Kerala Soaking Time : 4 Hours Fermenting Time : 8 … [Read More...]


Nugge Huli

This is a South Indian Curry prepared using drumstick and leavess of drumstick tree. It is also known as Sambar. Time Required: 30 Minutes Ingredients: 1 Bunch Drumstick Leaves 2 … [Read More...]


Makki Ki Roti

Indian bread prepared using Corn meal.  Makki Ki Roti is a favorite among Punjabis along with Sarson Ka Saag/side dish. Time Required: 20 Minutes Serves: 2 Ingredients: 1½ Cups Makai Ki … [Read More...]



Crispy and spicy rings prepared using Rice, a favorite evening snack among Mysoreans and Bangaloreans along with a good cup of South Indian filter coffee. Cuisine: Karnataka Ingredients: 2 … [Read More...]


Besan Laddoo

A sweet prepared using Gram Flour.  Besan Laddoo is extremely popular in North Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Time Required:  30 Minutes Ingredients: 2 Cups Besan/Gram Flour 1 Cup … [Read More...]


Samosa Chaat

An evening snack prepared using the popular stuffed pastry Samosa. Time Required: 10 Minutes if you are using ready made Samosa Ingredients: 1 big Samosa or 4 small Samosas 2tbsp Chopped … [Read More...]


Alu Palak

A side dish with gravy using Spinach and Potatoes.  Alu Palak is a very popular dish of North India. Cuisine: North India Time Required: 30 Minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 2 Big bunches … [Read More...]



Shri Mangeshi Temple, Goa

The drive to Mangeshi Temple is beautiful as the road winds into the lush green Western Ghats hills. The temple is situated in Priol, Goa. Before the invasion of Portuguese, the temple was situated on … [Read More...]


Maravanthe Beach

On our Karnataka coastal temple trip, my husband insisted on driving up to the Maravanthe beach. The drive was spectacular with the Arabian Sea lashing on one side of the road and the Saurpanika River … [Read More...]


Talakadu – Part I

Picture1 - Talakadu Sand Dunes Talakadu is situated 50 Kms from Mysore and was under the rule of Western Gangas, Tamil Cholas in the 11th and 12th centuries, Hoysalas in the 12th century, … [Read More...]

Lakya Dam

Lakya Dam

A check dam was built by Kudremukh Iron Ore Company on the River Lakya, which is a tributary of River Bhadra. Lakya Dam is located in the heart of the Kudremukh National Park to collect silt and other … [Read More...]


Kalathgiri Waterfalls

After spending a fair amount of time in Kemmanagundi, we drove to Kalathgiri waterfalls and were very disappointed. There was less water, due to summer but, the garbage, litter and unruly crowd made … [Read More...]


Lady Cannings Seat

Coonoor and Ooty are famous for their view points. Lady Cannings Seat is one of them. View of tea estates and plains around Nilgiris is best enjoyed from here. An endearing small Victorian style … [Read More...]

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Barleria is known as Kurantaka in Sanskrit, Spatika in Kannada, Vajradanti in Marathi, Philippine violet, Bluebell barleria, Crested Philippine violet, and Porcupine flower. Belongs to Acanthaceae … [Read More...]


Orchid Calanthe Sylvatica

I saw many Calanthe Sylvatica plants in bloom in a green house in Kemmangundi maintained by the horticulture department. It was a beautiful sight. Immediately I bought a plant from a nursery in … [Read More...]


Four O Clock Flowers – Sanje Mallige

Plant Summary: “Sanje” means evening in Kannada and “Mallige” means Jasmine.   Since the flowers bloom at around four in the evenings and wilt by morning it is called as Sanje Mallige in Kannada and … [Read More...]


Solanum Dulcamara

Plant Summary: Found this creeper growing wild near the steps leading to Pearl Valley. The rare combination of purple petals with bright yellow stamens is eye catching. The common names of this … [Read More...]


Desert Petunia

Generally  weeds are very annoying and we keep uprooting them and throwing away but I am so glad that I did not discard a weed that entered my garden when I bought a plant in a nursery.  Even as I was … [Read More...]


Bakula Tree

I remember collecting the fallen Bakula flowers with the scent intact and stringing it together into a garland.  The tree was planted by my grandfather, whose hobby was to grow exotic trees and plants … [Read More...]

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