Traditional Dolls Arrangement


Here are some Dolls that are handed over from generations to generations for arranging during Dasara. Traditional Dolls Arrangement includes Dolls in a marriage party complete with the bride / groom sitting in a car, the snake charmer, mythological … [Read more...]

Gombe Habba – Forest Arrangement


During Dasara, many households had the ritual of arranging dolls in the house for 9 days in Mysore region.  This would  bring out a lot of creativeness among the people.  The preparations for the doll arrangement would start two weeks before the … [Read more...]

Pattada Gombe Alankara


Pattada Gombe in Kannada means, the royal dolls and Alankara means decoration. Many households have a custom of arranging dolls during Dasara festival in Mysore and distribute sweet and savories to children.  This is also known as Kolu in Iyengar … [Read more...]