King Raghu and Vijayadashami

King Raghu of Raghuvamsha fame was a brave, generous, humble, and sensible ruler of Ayodhya. He had won many battles and his treasury was filled to the brim. On the behest of his guru Vashishta, he … [Read more...]


Goddess Sharadamba Utsava

Happy Saraswathi Pooja 2014.  In Sringeri, Karnataka, during Dasara festival, the utsava murthy (procession idol) of Goddess Sharadamba (Saraswathi) is taken in a small chariot around the temple … [Read more...]


Mysore State Anthem

The existence of Mysore State Anthem was bought to my notice by my uncle who in his primary school would sing the anthem every day. In 1881, the British decided to give back the state of Mysore … [Read more...]


Ayudha Puja

Ayudha Pooja is a celebration during Dasara. On this day the weapons used during war were worshiped in the palace. The common people worship machines, implements and vehicles at home, factories and … [Read more...]


Mysore Dasara Flower Show

Mysoreans love gardening and every house will have at least a Tulasi and Money plant growing in a pot.  To encourage this wonderful hobby, a flower show on a grand scale is held by the Horticulture … [Read more...]


Navaratri Golu

This is in continuation of the post “Traditional Dolls Arrangement”. The custom of arranging dolls during Navaratri / Dasara is also followed in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. In these states … [Read more...]


Traditional Dolls Arrangement

Here are some Dolls that are handed over from generations to generations for arranging during Dasara. Traditional Dolls Arrangement includes Dolls in a marriage party complete with the bride / groom … [Read more...]


Gombe Habba – Forest Arrangement

During Dasara, many households had the ritual of arranging dolls in the house for 9 days in Mysore region.  This would  bring out a lot of creativeness among the people.  The preparations for the doll … [Read more...]


Pattada Gombe Alankara

Pattada Gombe in Kannada means, the royal dolls and Alankara means decoration. Many households have a custom of arranging dolls during Dasara festival in Mysore and distribute sweet and savories to … [Read more...]


Banni Tree

The botanical name of this tree is Prosopis spicigera. In Sanskrit it is known as Shami Vruksha. Banni tree is found in dry and arid regions at low altitudes.  This tree is widely grown in … [Read more...]


Dasara Procession in Mysore

Vijayadashami being the last day of the celebrations, a grand Jamboo Savari/procession passes through the streets of the city. The main attraction here is the idol of the goddess Chamundeshwari … [Read more...]

Mysore Dasara

Mysore looks its best during the 10-day Dasara celebration where all the major roads in the city, heritage buildings, palaces, historical monuments, ancient temples and shops are … [Read more...]



In Mysore, we always looked forward to Dasara, which is the Nada Habba (festival of Karnataka state) and it is not only celebrated in homes but the whole city seems to wake up from the slumber to 10 … [Read more...]