Birds of Rajasthan

When we started our trip to Rajasthan in winter, we were looking forward to sighting many migratory as well as resident birds. The drought faced by the state for the past 3 years has resulted in dry lakes and absence of migratory birds. But, this did not deter us from spotting as much as we could while we explored the state.

peacock jungle-wabbler

Picture – Peacock (left) and Jungle Wabbler (right)

Rajasthan is home to 500 species of birds out of which 100 migratory bird species arrive here every year during winter.

pelican1 pelican

Picture – Pelican

Some of the star migratory birds that arrive in the state are Siberian Cranes, Demoiselle Cranes, Greater Flamingo, Black winged Slit, Rosy Pelican, Common Greenshank, Gadwall, White Wagtail, Asian Koel etc. The birds migrate from Siberia, Europe, Africa and Afghanistan.

rafous-indian-treepie rafous-indian-treepie-2

Picture – Rafous Indian Treepie (Up and Below)


We were amazed to see large numbers of house sparrows.

sparrow-1 sparrow-3

Picture – House Sparrows

Spotted some small unidentifiable birds, which looked like sparrows.

sparrow12   sparrow-2

Picture – Sparrows


The resident birds of Rajasthan are Ducks, Cranes, Pelicans, Storks, Herons, Jacanas, Ibises, Shrike, Caucol, Rafous Treepie, Bulbul, Peacocks, Great Indian Bustard, Sparrow etc.

sarus-crane sarus-crane-1
Picture – Sarus Cranes

I was hoping to see Rajasthan’s only resident crane – The Sarus. The Sarus is the tallest bird in the world that flies. As we drove from Ranakpur to Udaipur I was scanning into the forests of the Aravalli hills when I spotted Sarus cranes near a pond around 400 meters away from the road. The vehicle screeched to a halt and we ran with cameras in hand to shoot the handsome birds. According to the kids there, there were three of them living near the pond for some years and one of them died recently and the other two continue to live here. It made our day and the list of birds spotted in Rajasthan grew longer.

tern red-wattled-lapwing

Picture – Tern (left) and Red Wattled Lapwing (right)

little-egret little-cormorant

Picture – Egret (left) and Cormorant (right)

black-naped-stilt goose

Picture – Stilt and Geese / Ducks

ducks pintail

Picture – Ducks (left) and Common Green Shank (Right)

purple-sun-bird pigeon

Picture – Sunbird (left) and Pigeon (right)


Picture – Bulbul

parrots parrots-1

Picture – Parrots