Mushrooms in Kukkarahalli Kere

Mushrooms in Kukkarahalli Kere

When I was walking in Kukkarahalli Kere last Sunday, I got to see many varieties of Mushrooms growing in the thicket.  Not a surprise as Mysore has received copious rains this … [Read more...]

Crepe Ginger

Crepe Ginger

I came across this unusual and attractive plant growing wild in Padubidiri. The other common name of Crepe Ginger is Malay Ginger. Crepe Ginger is known as Kusht, Keokanda in Hindi, Koshi in Marthi, … [Read more...]


Vishnukranthi – Dwarf Morning Glory

Every garden big or small must make space for this enchanting plant. As the name Vishnukranthi - Dwarf Morning Glory suggests, the blue flowers are a delight when in bloom and the leaves are equally … [Read more...]



Brihati grows wild throughout India. Brihati is a prickly shrub that grows to a height of 1.5 mtrs and belongs to Solanaceae (potato) family. Botanical name is Solanum Anguivi. English common name is … [Read more...]


Uttareni – Apamarga Patram

Common names of this perennial herb in English are Prickly chaff, Rough chaff, Devil's horse whip, in Sanskrit it is Apamarga and the botanical name is Achyranthes aspera and belongs to Amaranthaceae … [Read more...]


Kewda Tree

Known as Kedage or Taale Hoovu in Kannada, this exotic and expensive flower is bought once a year to adorn the idols during the festival season (August-September). The other names for Kewda are … [Read more...]


Devil’s Claw

I came across this interesting plant on the way to Ghati Subramanya. Plant Summary: Common Names are Unicorn Plant, Tiger Claw Plant, Devils claw, and Cat's claw. Botanical name is Martynia … [Read more...]



The botanical name of Datura is Datura innoxia and belongs to the family Solanaceae. The other common names are Horn of Plenty, Downy Thorn Apple, Safed Dhatura (Hindi). Datura is a … [Read more...]


Common Leucas – Thumbe Hoovu

During Sankashta Ganapathy pooja, I remember collecting the flower and leaves of Thumbe Hoovu growing in empty sites for my parents. Later I used to collect them for Mauna Gowri Pooja. Many people … [Read more...]



This edible weed / herb belong to the wood-sorrel family Oxalidaceae. Oxalis grows all around the world except in the Polar Regions. Picture - Wood Sorrel, Broadleaf Woodsorrel, Mexican … [Read more...]


Touch me not

This is the most interactive plant that I have ever come across.  I still watch fascinated when the leaves of this plant closes when touched.  It is as though it is cringing away from a possible … [Read more...]


Slipper Flower

Plant Summary: As the name indicates the flower looks like a ladies slipper more like a slipper worn in at home. I have come across these bright and unusual flowers in Ooty and near Kalahatty … [Read more...]


Marsh Mallow

March Mellow is undoubtedly the most handsome of all wild flowers. Botanical name is Althaea officinalis and belongs to the mallow family. Pictures of Marsh Mallow taken in Kukkarahalli Lake, … [Read more...]


Lion’s Ear

Plant Summary: Lion’s ear is an annual and is found growing wildly in the Cauvery bank area. In Kannada it is known as Kaaduthumbe, and Granthika in Sanskrit. The botanical name is Leonotis … [Read more...]


Wild Turmeric

One of the many treasures that are hidden in the Western Ghats and Himalayas is the wild turmeric. These treasures shoot up from their hiding places under the earth in the spring. The leaves are … [Read more...]


Solanum Dulcamara

Plant Summary: Found this creeper growing wild near the steps leading to Pearl Valley. The rare combination of purple petals with bright yellow stamens is eye catching. The common names of this … [Read more...]


Water Snowflake

I am intrigued, amazed and delighted at the wealth of flora in Western Ghats and I just cannot have enough of gaping or photographing them. Every nook and corner seems to be decked with a bouquet of … [Read more...]