Mushrooms in Kukkarahalli Kere

Mushrooms in Kukkarahalli Kere

When I was walking in Kukkarahalli Kere last Sunday, I got to see many varieties of Mushrooms growing in the thicket.  Not a surprise as Mysore has received copious rains this monsoon. Mushrooms appear overnight, growing or expanding rapidly. … [Read more...]

Vishnukranthi – Dwarf Morning Glory


Every garden big or small must make space for this enchanting plant. As the name Vishnukranthi - Dwarf Morning Glory suggests, the blue flowers are a delight when in bloom and the leaves are equally attractive. Evolvulus alsinoides is the … [Read more...]

Lollipop Climber – Mahalingana Balli

Mahalingana Balli - Lolipop Creeper

Mahalingana Balli or Lollipop Climber is a perennial climber native to rainforests and dry rainforests. It is also known as Striped Cucumber, Marble Vine in English and Shivalingi in Hindi. The botanical name is Diplocyclos palmatus and belongs to … [Read more...]