Orchid Dendrobium Herbaceum

Orchid Dendrobium Herbaceum

Orchid Dendrobium Herbaceum is endemic to Western Ghats and is often referred to as Pencil Dendrobium or Grassy Dendrobium. This epiphyte belongs to Orchidaceae family. The stem is pendulous and … [Read more...]

Lady's Slipper Orchid

Lady’s Slipper Orchid

One of the most attractive terrestrial orchids is the Lady’s Slipper Orchid. The botanical name is Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum and belongs to Orchidaceae family and Cypripedioideae sub family. Other … [Read more...]


Orchid Oberonia

There are 53 species of Oberonia Orchids. Out of this 24 species are found in Kerala and Karnataka. Oberonia is also found in Eastern Himalayas, Assam, Thailand, Malaysia, Uttaranchal, and Java. They … [Read more...]


Gower Ramsey Orchid Oncidium

Fancifully called “dancing dolls”, these are grown commercially for cut flowers. Gower Ramsey have robust and shimmering sprays bearing elegant flowers. The picture in this post is known as … [Read more...]


Orchid Phalaenopsis

People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things around us. - Iris Murdoch Phalaenopsis is the latest addition to my modest Orchid … [Read more...]


Orchid Pholidota Imbricata

I spotted this orchid in Kavadi Kere and research led me to the name Orchid Pholidota Imbricata. I collected two bulbs of this orchid from the aracanut/betel nut garden maintained by the temple. As I … [Read more...]


Orchid Vanda Testacea

My joy knew no bounds when I found Vanda Testacea plants in full bloom in Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. The pale yellow flowers are very very cute. Added to the charm of the flowers is the light … [Read more...]


Orchid Diplocentrum Recurvum

Perched on a tree near the KSTDC restaurant was this Orchid plant in bloom. Query to Prejith on identification of this wild orchid led to the name Diplocentrum Recurvum. This epiphytic Orchid is … [Read more...]


Orchid Dendrobium Nutantiflorum

I was delighted to see this Dendrobium in full bloom in Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.  The bright reddish orange color of the flowers amazed me, as I had not seen any wild Orchids in red. This … [Read more...]


Orchid Bulbophyllum Fisheri

Orchid Bulbophyllum Fisheri grows in abundance in the Western Ghats. The pseudo bulbs of this plant are smooth and shiny. Single shiny leaf grows out of each pseudo bulb. I have seen the bloom only in … [Read more...]


Orchid Coelogyne Nervosa

Coelogyne nervosa is an Orchid found in Western Ghats. This epiphyte belongs to the genus Coelogyne of family Orchidaceae. There are 200 species of Coelogyne and 35 species are found in Myanamar … [Read more...]


Orchid Dendrobium Ovatum

The Dendrobium Ovatum orchid can be easily mistaken for Dendrobium Aqueum. The difference between the two is the Green center. Dendrobium Ovatum is also known as Green lipped dendrobium. The … [Read more...]


Orchid Polystachya Concreta

I saw a dense group of Orchid Polystachya Concreta growing on a thick branch of a tree that was covered with moss in Sirsi region. Plant Summary: Polystachya concreta is an epiphyte found in … [Read more...]


Orchid Calanthe Sylvatica

I saw many Calanthe Sylvatica plants in bloom in a green house in Kemmangundi maintained by the horticulture department. It was a beautiful sight. Immediately I bought a plant from a nursery in … [Read more...]


Orchid – Vanilla Planifolia

Everyone loves Vanilla Ice-cream and this flavor goes well when served with any of the Indian sweets like Gulab Jamoon, Gajar Halwa, Moong Dal Halwa, Kheer, and so on. It would surprise you to know … [Read more...]


Orchid Dendrobium Aqueum

Plant Summary: Dendrobium aqueum is an exquisite epiphytic orchid found in Kolli Hills Tamil Nadu, Himvad Gopalswamy betta in Karnataka and Coorg. The flowers are White with the lip acquiring … [Read more...]


Orchid Aerides Multiflora

I collected this orchid from, Srinagar, Uttaranchal and my main concern was to transport it safely back home.  I feared the worst in Delhi as it was peak summer and we were staying there for a week … [Read more...]


Orchid Leafless Dendrobium

When I collected wild orchid Pholidata Imbricata  in the Western Ghats near Kavadi Kere, an Orchid Leafless Dendrobium  also known as Dendrobium Macrostachyum wild, which was growing among the bulbs … [Read more...]


Orchid Acampe Praemorsa

Picture1 - Plant  I came across Orchid Acampe Praemorsa while touring the coastal regions of Karnataka and Goa.  Different species of Acampe is distributed in tropical India, Africa and South East … [Read more...]