Sajjige is a pudding prepared using Semolina, Pineapple, Nuts and Clarified Butter.  I love the way mom prepares Sajjige and here is the recipe for the same.  Sometimes when we returned from school she would serve us with hot Sajjige and Alu Bonda yummm….

Time Required: 20 Minutes
Serves: 4

Sajjige - Kesaribhath

1 Cup Chiroti Rawa/Sooji/Semolina
A pinch of Saffron soaked in 1tsp Milk
¼ Cup Ghee/Clarified Butter
1½ Cup Water
1 Cup Sugar
½ tsp Elaichi/Cardamom Powder
2tbsp Dry Fruits (Grapes, Cashew nuts, Almonds peeled and chopped, Pistachios)
2tbsp Pineapple pieces

Heat 1tsp Ghee and fry the dry fruits until they turn pink.  Remove and keep aside.  Heat ¼ Cup Ghee, add Rawa and fry until an aroma arises.  Remove and keep aside.  Boil water along with Pineapple.  Add Rawa to the boiling water.

Sajjige - Sooji Halwa

Close the lid and cook for a minute.  Open the lid and add Sugar and mix well.  Close the lid again and cook for 2 minutes.   Add Saffron, Elaichi Powder and Dry fruits and mix well.

Chow Chow Bhath

When Sajjige is served along with Uppittu/Upma or Kharabhath then it is known as Chow Chow Bhath.