Varadahalli also known as Varadapura is situated 6 Kms from Sagar, Shimoga district of Karnataka. This divine place in the midst of pristine natural surroundings of the Western ghats was the chosen place of Maharshi Agastya and Veda Vyas to do Sadhana thousands of years ago. The Durgamba idol was installed by Veda Vyasa himself. A cave in which Veda Vyasa meditated is present at this place.



Shridhara swamiji had a dream in which Durgamba appeared and asked him to go to Varadahalli and perform Jeernodharana / revival of her idol. Hence Shree Shridar Swamiji came to Varadahalli and spent many years doing meditation, discourses and penance for the benefit for human kind in his ashrama.


Shree Shridar Swamiji attained moksha at Varadahalli, and his disciples have built a Samadhi here. Since then the ashrama has been the center of religious activities throughout the year with special programs being held to mark the swamiji’s aradhane / the day of attaining moksha. There are 300 steps leading to the Samadhi (tomb).


The view of the hills covered by rain forests surrounding the ashrama is breathtaking. The Swamiji could not have chosen a better place to live and promote the Sanatana Dharma.


He is still omnipresent in Shridhar Ashrama and you can feel his presence through the calm smile of his photograph placed on the Samadhi / tomb blessing and watching intently at his devotees. The ashrama is a place to visit to offer prayers, perform paduka pooja, share your joys and sorrows and connect with the swamiji. You will come out of this place calm, blessed and purified.


Theertha prasada / blessed food is served for lunch and breakfast. Paduka pooja can be performed here, which is held very early in the morning.

Varadahalli Durgamba

The Durgamba temple is situated half a kilometer from Varadahalli in green lush surroundings.  The idol is small and striking.

Durgamba temple Varadahalli Rama temple Varadapura

A small temple dedicated to Lord Rama is situated near Durgamba temple.  It is so very green around the place as though blessed with nature’s bounty.


The branches of trees around the ashrama and the temple are weighed down by Orchids.  I could recognize at least 5 varieties on the same tree!

Sri Sridhara Kshetra

Nearby places to visit are Ikkeri, Keladi, Jog Falls and Varadmoola.

Updated on 31/7/2011

I thank Shri Ajay Shankar for sending the photos below clicked by Santhosh Shetty related to the Bangalore Shri Shridhara Paduka Mandir.

Bangalore Paduka Mandir

Illuminated Paduka Mandir, Bangalore

Smt and Sri Shankaranarayana Rao

The blessed couple Smt and Sri Shankaranarayana Rao

Nagaraja near Homa Nagaraja near Homa

Nagaraja Darshan near Homa.  Click on image to enlarge

Govu Shala

Govu Shala

Updated on 22/09/2011

Sri Gurubhajane Purnadarathi

Updated on 11/12/2011

Meditation came will be held in Shridara Paduka Mandir, Bangalore for 2 to 3 days.  If interested please contact Sri Bheemana Katte Shridhara Bhatta – (080) 23287234 or Sri Pramesh, Organizer – 9845655142.

Place Statistics:
Type of Place: Ashrama of Shree Shridar Swamiji
Situated: 6 Kms from Sagar, Shimoga district, Karnataka
Distance: 361 Km from Bangalore, 6 Km from Sagar, 80 Km from Shimoga
Transport: Well connected by road, government buses ply to Varadahalli or can hire cars or autorikshaws at Sagar
Facilities: Rest rooms, lunch and breakfast according to the timings

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