Churches of Goa

The first thing that comes to mind when you plan on a trip to Goa, is the beaches, sun, food, paddy fields and beautiful white washed churches standing out in the fields surrounded by palm and betel nut trees.

Churches of Goa

Currently, 33 percent of Goan population is Christians. They were all converted to Christianity during the Portuguese rule.  Churches of Goa were built on lands reserved for temples. The architecture of the churches in Goa is influenced by Portuguese, Hinduism, Roman, and Lisbon. The amalgamation of these architectural styles makes the Churches unique and attracts many international tourists.

Most of the churches are located in Old Goa situated in North Goa. Old Goa also known as Velha Goa is a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site and has spectacular churches and convents.

Following are some of the churches of Goa:
Basillica of Bom Jesus
Se Cathedral
Church of Our Lady of Divine Providence
Church of St. Francis of Assisi
Chapel of St. Catherine
Church of St. Cajetan
Church of our Lady of Rosary
Royal Chapel of St. Anthony
Church of St. Augustine
Convent of St. Monica
Church of Nossa Senhora De Monte
The church of Mae de Deus
Church of Reis Magos
Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception
The Church of St. Ana at Talaulim, Ilhas
Church of Holy Spirit

Place Statistics:
Type of place: Churches of Goa
Situated: Goa
Transport: Well connected by road and rail
Facilities: Many resorts and guest houses are available to suit all budgets