Brahma Chaitanya Maharaj’s Paduka Mandir, Kurtkoti

A new temple is being built by Dr.N.R.Patil, who is my mother’s cousin in Kurtakoti dedicated to Brahma Chaitanya Maharaj’s Paduka.

Shri Brahma Chaitanya Maharaj

History about the Paduka:
Shri Brahma Cahitanya Maharaj visited Kurtakoti in 1908-1909 and stayed in Kurtakoti during Chathurmasya.  During this time, a sculptor by name Manappa Kampli bought three Padukas sculpted by him in stone.  Along with the Padukas, he also bought a Hanuman statue.  The Hanuman statue is installed in the Rama Temple.

Brahma Chaitanya Maharaj’s Paduka Mandir, Kurtakoti

Shri Maharaj stood on the Padukas one pair at a time and the Paduka pooja was performed.  During this visit, he also installed the Rama idol in the Sri Rama temple. Shri Brahmanand Maharaj and Shri Kurtkoti Mahabhagavataru who were the prominent disciples of Shri Maharaj and the other disciples wanted to install all the three padukas in Kurtakoti itself.  When Shri Maharaj heard about it, he asked them not to install them and to wait for the right time to install.  Hence, the Padukas were kept untouched.

Brahma Chaitanya Maharaj’s Paduka Mandir, Kurtakoti

In 1912, when Shri Maharaj attained Moksha, there was a need for the Paduka. Shri Brahmanand Maharaj and Shri Kurtkoti Mahabhagavataru took one of the best sculptured Paduka from Kurtkoti and installed it in Gondavali. Another Paduka was taken by my great grandmother Smt. Kashi Bai’s father Shri Venkanna Nadigar to Hebballi and was installed behind their house.

Brahma Chaitanya Maharaj’s Paduka Mandir, Kurtakoti

Now, the time has come for the installation of the third Paduka in a new temple on 3rd June 2011.  The celebrations are from 1st – 4th June 2011.  Shri Koodali Shankaracharya Swamiji has agreed to grace this auspicious occasion.

I would like to thank Shri Subhas Master and Shri Ganesh.G.Patil for the information.

Brahma Chaitanya Maharaj’s Paduka Mandir, Kurtakoti

Facilities have been made for staying and food for the devotees during the installation celebrations.

Updated on 27th January 2014:

Kurtakoti Gondavali Maharaj Paduka Mandir

Picture – New temple built adjacent to the Ram Mandira dedicated to Shri Gondavali Maharaj’s paduka

It saddens me that the heritage building (Ram Mandir) was not retained as is and the new building built should have matched the existing building to retain the old world charm.

Place Statistics:
Type of Place: Temple
Situated: Kurtakoti, Gadag District, Karnataka
Distance: 450 Km from Bangalore, 60 Km from Hubli, 15 Km from Gadag
Transport: Well connected by road
Facilities: Nil


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