Saraca Asoca – Ashoka Tree

The flowers of Ashoka tree are used to worship gods in South Canara district of Karnataka. This pretty tree is a native of India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Malaysia. It is evergreen and ever flowering tree belonging to the family Fabaceae. Botanical name is Saraca Asoca.

Asoka Tree

Ashoka Tree is so very well proportioned that it seems that God has given maximum attention while making this species. The tree also looks very graceful with spreading branches and small leaves. The leaves are dark green with a sheen.

Sarasca Ashoka Tree

A round canopy with clusters of orange-red flowers that change color as they age adds to the attractiveness of the tree. The flowers bloom in clusters and consists of tubular flowers with four oval petals. The stamens are white and crimson and appear hairy.

 Ashoka Tree

The tree flourishes in the rain drenched regions; hence you can find Ashoka trees growing in the wild in the Western Ghats.  Ashoka Tree is connected to mythology and hence considered sacred in India and Sri Lanka. The Indian epic Ramayana mentions the Ashoka Vatika/garden, where Hanuman meets Sita for the first time in Lanka. One of the names in Sanskrit for this tree is Sita-Ashoka.

 Ashoka Tree

All parts of this tree are used in the treatment of various diseases.