Orchid Phalaenopsis

People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things around us. – Iris Murdoch


Phalaenopsis is the latest addition to my modest Orchid collection. It was my dream to buy this orchid and it has come true!


Plant Summary:
Dutch botanist Blume discovered the genus Phalaenopsis (Phal) in 1825. It is an orchid genus of about 60 species. Phaleenopsis is native to Southeast Asia, Himalayan mountains, Philipines, Taiwan, and South Australia.

This orchid is also known as moth orchid as the flowers resemble moths in flight. It is the most sought after plant because of its sheer beauty. Two alternate, thick, fleshy, glossy, and elliptical leaves grow from a single stem every year.


The spike rises from the stalk up to 2 feet tall with buds at the tip of the spike. Each bud opens one by one and the flowers last for months. The hybrid Phalaenopsis flower is around 3 inches wide.

The blooms look great in all the hues. A very easy to care orchid, it will be an excellent addition to your garden.