Teak Tree

Teak tree

Teak tree is the most precious deciduous tree in India and as you traverse into Western Ghats, you come across these trees gloriously growing on the slopes of the hills. Common names are Indian … [Read more...]

Punnaga Tree

Punnaga Tree

Widely grown in the coastal region of most of the tropical countries, Punnaga tree is an evergreen beautiful tree grown to beatify gardens and roads. Other common names in India are Sultan … [Read more...]

Parijata Tree

Parijata Tree

I always dreamt of a garden space where a marble Gopala Krishna idol is installed below a Parijata tree. By dawn, the idol would be worshipped automatically by the falling fragrant … [Read more...]

Sea Poison Tree

Sea Poison Tree

Sea Poison Tree is a beach tree native of Asia and Australia. Sandy beaches and coastal regions with a dash of salt in the soil is the ideal place for these trees to grow best. Sea Poison Tree … [Read more...]

Arjuna Tree

Arjuna Tree

The name Arjuna conjures up the image of the Pandava brother Arjuna with bow and arrow riding on the chariot driven by Lord Krishna.  The majestic evergreen tree lives up to the image with tough bark … [Read more...]

Chaste Tree

Chaste Tree

In winter, I keep dreaming about the flowering trees of Bangalore-Mysore during spring and summer. One such soothing flowering tree of summer is the Chaste tree. Chaste Tree is also known as … [Read more...]

Peacock Flower

Peacock Flower

Peacock flower with other common names like Pride of Barbados, and Dwarf Poinciana belongs to Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar) family. The Botanical name is Caesalpinia pulcherrima and in Hindi it is known … [Read more...]

Geiger Tree

Geiger Tree

A very striking tree when in bloom, Geiger Tree is gaining popularity to beautify Indian cities. This evergreen tree is a native of Northern coast of South America and Florida Keys. The tree is named … [Read more...]

White Gulmohar Tree

White Gulmohar Tree

Again our car screeched to a halt while coming back from Hogenakkal waterfalls hearing me exclaim over something that I spotted. The others in the car expected a wild animal or an exotic bird, … [Read more...]


Coral Shower Tree

Plant Summary: Flowering trees have started to bloom to welcome spring and warmth into our lives. One of the most beautiful flowering trees is the Coral Shower Tree also known as Pink Shower tree and … [Read more...]

Tamarind Tree

Tamarind Tree

Childhood memories of preparing and devouring Chigali (tamarind sweet-sour lollipop) flash as I write about this tree. I also remember bringing down the raw pods by hitting with stones washing them … [Read more...]


Powder Puff Plant

Plant Summary: The botanical name of Powder Puff Plant is Calliandra haematocephala belonging to the family Fabaceae. Powder puff plant is a sub-tropical plant native to India, Mexico, Madagascar, … [Read more...]


Deodar Tree

Deodar tree is also known as Himalayan Cedar and Devadar in Hindi. The botanical name is Cedrus deodara and belongs to Pinaceae (Pine) family. These evergreen coniferous trees are native of Pakistan … [Read more...]


Paper Chase Tree

As you whiz into the Western Ghats, you must have observed greenery all around and intermittently you would have observed white leaves, which look like paper hanging on the trees. I have wondered a … [Read more...]


Peepal Tree

Botanical name of Peepal Tree is Ficus religiosa and belongs to the Moraceae. Peepal tree is native of South East Asia. It is also known as Bodhi Tree. The Peepal tree can be traced back to the … [Read more...]


Crocodile Bark Tree

Plant Summary: The state tree of Goa is Crocodile Bark Tree belonging to family Combretaceae*. Botanical name of the tree is Terminalia Elliptica. The name is thus derived because the bark of the … [Read more...]


Bakula Tree

I remember collecting the fallen Bakula flowers with the scent intact and stringing it together into a garland.  The tree was planted by my grandfather, whose hobby was to grow exotic trees and plants … [Read more...]


Pink Tabebuia Impetiginosa

Namma garden city Bengaluru is fast becoming a city of cement and glass buildings, but come January, the Pink Tabebuia Impetiginosa trees burst into deep pink blooms adding the much needed color to … [Read more...]



Presence of Bamboo in most of the South Indian wild life sanctuaries like Bandipur, Madumalai, Bhadra, Nagarhole, Tholpetty, and Kabini has played an important role in sustaining the wild and avian … [Read more...]


Banyan Tree

O you shaggy-headed banyan tree standing on the bank of the pond, have you forgotten the little child, like the birds that have nested in your branches and left you? Do you not remember how he sat … [Read more...]