This is an important arrangement in any of the Hindu rituals/pooja.  This occupies a prominent place in the pedestal along with the idols or photographs of gods and goddesses.  During marriages the sister of the groom and the bride carry a small kalasha with a small mirror and without a coconut and they are called the kalashagiththi (one who carries the kalasha).  And in the case of Upanayana/sacred thread ceremony the sister of the vatu (the boy) carries the kalash.

Materials Required:
1 Coconut
1 small Bindige/Pot filled with water
4 – 5 Betel Leaves or Mango Leaves
Flower string
Kumkum/Vermillion colored powder
Turmeric powder

Using Sunna/Lime stone draw a line in the middle of the pot and decorate with flowers and Turmeric and Kumkum powder.  Arrange the leaves on the pot by immersing ¼ of the leaves from the stalk in the water.  Clean the Coconut and remove the extra husk, do not remove the pointed edge of the coconut.  Wash it with water and apply Turmeric powder and Kumkum on the Coconut.  Place it on the pot with the pointed edge towards the sky.  Keep a flower or a string of flowers over it.  This is usually kept in front of the gods photographs or idol.