Pookalam Art

Pookalam (Flower Rangoli / Pattern), the art of designing floral carpets on the day of  Onam festival in Kerala welcome their beloved king Mahabali.  Pookalam Art can be made on any occasion to add color and cheer to the house.  Many types of flowers can be used to make Pookalam.  First zero in on a design and then buy the flowers accordingly.  Either the whole flowers or only the petals can be used to make the Pookalam.


Materials Required:
500 gm Yellow Marigold
250 gm Orange Marigold
100 gm Gomphrena / Adike Hoovu
20 leaves of Gulmohar tree
250 gm Purple Aster
500 gm White Chrysanthamum
1 Brass Lamp
Few Tea Candles

Separate the petals of all the flowers except for Gomphrena and keep in separate trays or plastic covers.


Using a chalk draw the outline of the design and start arranging the petals starting from the center.


The width can be either reduced or increased on the availability of  flowers.

Pookalam Pookalam Pookalam