Household Hints

October 2015 Hints

October 2015 Hints are as follows: While making Chakkali, if you cannot press it into the right shape, add some Maida to the Chakkali dough. If you are not able to get the Dosa off the Tava … [Read more...]

Household Hints

September 2015 Hints

September 2015 Hints are as follows: Dried and crushed papaya seeds, like pepper, can be sprinkled over food. This adds enzymes to your food and improves your overall digestion. Chew on few … [Read more...]

Household Hints

August 2015 Hints

August 2015 Hints are as follows: Add few tablespoons of chilled club soda to the fritter batter for crisp outer layer. To store pooja flowers for a long time in the refrigerator, wrap them … [Read more...]

Household Hints

July 2015 Hints

June 2015 Hints are as follows: Put a piece of lemon through your garbage disposal every day for a clean fresh smell. If organizing a potluck party, fix a theme so that fixing a menu becomes … [Read more...]

Household Hints

June 2015 Hints

June 2015 Hints are as follows: While preparing sweets, add a pinch of salt, this will enhance the the dish. Adding some mashed poha or cooked rice, to the Idly batter makes … [Read more...]

Household Hints

May 2015 Hints

May 2015 Hints are as follows: Use rangoli color in paper cones to fill rangoli designs. Add salt while frying onions, it will release the water from the onions, thus enhancing the … [Read more...]

Household Hints

April 2015 Hints

April 2015 Hints are as follows: Dip cotton ball in nail polish remover and wipe away the ink stains made on the walls. Add a piece of Ginger and cook the used Oil to take away the odor.  … [Read more...]

Household Hints

March 2015 Hints

March 2015 Hints are as follows: Soak the chopped brinjals in salted water for 30 minutes to 1 hour to remove the bitterness.  Sieve the water before use. While tying puffed rice laddoos, … [Read more...]

Household Hints

February 2015 Hints

February 2015 Hints are as follows: Cut Mint (Pudina) stalk and place it in a glass of water until roots appear and then plant it in a pot. Wrap lettuce leaves in aluminum foil and store in … [Read more...]

January 2015 Hints

January 2015 Hints are as follows: To eliminate soap and stains on tub and shower, dilute nail polish remover in water and scrub with a brush using this water on the stains. Wrap Lettuce leaves … [Read more...]

December 2014 Hints

December 2014 Hints are as follows: Adding lemon juice to Coriander or Pudina/Mint  chutneys helps to retain the green color for a longer period. Wrap Silver articles in Kite paper also known as … [Read more...]

November 2014 Hints

November 2014 Hints are as follows: If you have unmanageable rough hair, try rinsing with baby shampoo, you will get back your soft hair. Honey and lemon face pack can brighten your face in … [Read more...]

October 2014 Hints

October 2014 Hints are as follows: Here is another tip to clean silver vessels - Boil water and add salt and a tsp of baking soda into it. Put the silver article in the boiling water along with a … [Read more...]

September 2014 Hints

September 2014 Hints are as follows: During festivals and pooja, buy flowers like Lotus with long stems and put them in thin bottles filled with water and arrange behind the idol.  The flowers … [Read more...]

August 2014 Hints

Use an old shirt sleeve to make a permanent broom cover to dust in high places. Cut the sleeve off at the elbow, stitch the ends together, slip over the broom and button the cuff around the … [Read more...]

July Hints, 2014

July Hints, 2014 is as follows: Cheese will not harden if you butter the exposed edges before storing in the refrigerator. To get relief from headache, rub a cut Lemon on your forehead. Remove … [Read more...]

June 2014 Hints

Here are the June 2014 Hints: Ensure that you store herbs and spices in a cool and dark place in your kitchen. Humidity,  direct sunlight and heat will cause the herbs and spices to loose their … [Read more...]

May 2014 Hints

To remove stain on carpet, sprinkle baking soda, wait for ten minutes and then vacuum.  Mix 1tbsp dish liquid soap + 1 tbsp vinegar + 2 cups of warm water, sponge on carpet and blot till the stain … [Read more...]

March 2014 Hints

While baking it is common during summers for the mixture to curdle.  To set it right, just add few tablespoons of Milk to the mixture. Do not worry if you encounter foul smelling spills, which leave … [Read more...]