itslife.in is all about life. From birth to death life’s journey is unpredictable for human beings, animals, birds and plants. Each life is celebrated in different ways and the human beings are the only species who are able to express feelings with words and expressions. For humans, life is just not to live but to let live, share, love, accept, reject, talk, fight, laugh, cry, get angry, travel, have hobbies, read, get education, work, celebrate festivals, cook, taste different cuisines, have relationships, acquire material assets etc., etc., Life never ceases to impress and life just goes on stopping for nothing.

In this website I have tried to bring in the essence of good living and it is loaded with information on travel, hobby, cooking, gardening, relationships, goodness of nature, festivals, and so on.  All this information has been collected and experienced over the years.

I dedicate this website to all the previous generation women, who have sacrificed and fought to have their voices heard and have tried to bring in positive changes for women in the society. It is because of them that we can hold our head high and lead a life of our choice.

About itslife.in logo

The logo depicts the earth, life, water and sky. These four things together make earth the most beautiful planet in the universe. The earthy colors (brown and red) representing the earth, green the life and blue – sky and water completes itslife.in theme.

Life Impressive For Ever is the full form of LIFE and this tag line summarizes the essence of itslife.in

The logo is hand drawn by me, but I thank and appreciate Mr. G. Navaneetha Krishnan for transforming it into the digital form just the way I had imagined.

I would also like to thank Mr. Jeganathan.T for setting up the website and making it easy to organize and share the information and thoughts.

You can send me feedback about the site by sending an email to – itslife at itslife dot in

About me (Shantha)

I am an ambivert with varied interests.  Love my family and friends and Mysore.  I believe that the day I stop learning will be the day I stop living.

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