Vishnukranthi – Dwarf Morning Glory

Every garden big or small must make space for this enchanting plant. As the name Vishnukranthi – Dwarf Morning Glory suggests, the blue flowers are a delight when in bloom and the leaves are equally attractive.
Evolvulus alsinoides is the botanical name of Vishnukranthi – Dwarf Morning Glory and it belongs to Convolvulaceae (Morning glory) family native to the South America. I have seen this plant grow in the wild in Karighatta, Marcona Hally Dam, and Western Ghats.


Above two pictures are wild Vishnukranthi near Marconahalli Dam

Vishnukranthi is a wonderful ground cover, as it spreads on the ground. The stems are 20 to 70 cms long. The leaves are simple, alternate, covered with silky hairs and they appear grey.


Leaves are 1 cm in length with the base pointed. The flowers are pale blue with a white middle and can be 6 to 8 mm in diameter. Round fruit contains 4 black seeds.

Dwarf Morning Glory
The leaves of this plant is offered to Lord Ganesha during the 21 patra (leaves) pooja chanting the following: “Om Uma Putraya namaha, Vishnukranta Patram Samarpayaami”.


All parts of Vishnukranthi plant is used to treat many ailments, including improvement of memory power.

Vishnukranthi Patram