Mysore Dasara Flower Show

Mysoreans love gardening and every house will have at least a Tulasi and Money plant growing in a pot.  To encourage this wonderful hobby, a flower show on a grand scale is held by the Horticulture department during Dasara at Curzon park adjacent to Mysore Palace.  Corporates and public sector companies showcase their might in the art of gardening and win prizes.  Thousands of people visit the flower show. This year the show will start from 8th October and various other competitions like Ikebana, Flower Rangoli and Bonsai are organized.

Dasara Flower Show

Mr. Dinakar has written a wonderful post on Mysore Dasara Flower Show in his blog.  Here is the link for the same –

Dasara Flower Show Mysore Flower Show

Flower show is also held in Karanaji Lake and Kukkarahalli Lake.

Flower Show

Picture (above) – Flower Show at Kukkarahalli Lake

Dasara Flower Show Dasara Flower Show