New Year Celebrations

Communities following Gregorian calendar celebrate New Year on 1st January every year. The year counter also gets incremented on this day. Though people following different calendars celebrate New Year on other days of the year, the celebration on 1st January has crossed calendars and everyone joins in the celebration of the New Year.

New Year eve parties with great food, drinks, music, dance, fun and laughter go on till the wee hours of the morning. Fireworks displays are spectacular in many places around the world at the strike of 12:00 hrs. The most significant being in Sydney, London, Hong Kong, New York, Berlin, Las Vegas etc. A grand New Year parade is held in London to usher in the New Year.

It is a custom to make New Year resolutions to bring about positive changes in one’s life.

In India the Gregorian calendar is used as the official calendar and 1st January is declared as a national holiday.

Cheers! And wish you a very happy New Year!