Bhutta – Roasted Corn

As people welcome rain, carts loaded with Corn are seen at the street corner roasting them and selling them to eager customers. Corn roasted on coal and served smeared with Mint Chutney or Salt, Chili powder and Lemon juice.

Time Required: 6 Minutes

Bhutta - Roasted Corn

Corn ears
Mint Chutney or Salt and Chili powder mixture
Slices of Lemon

Remove the covering of the corn, do not cut the stem. Roast the corn either on a gas stove or on coal. Roast on all sides by turning the corn.

Bhutta - Roasted Corn

Remove to the Bhutta– Roasted Corn on a tray and smear with Mint Chutney using the Lemon slice or smear the mixture of Salt and Chili Powder and serve.