Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala is part of Wyanad Wildlife Sanctuary situated 100kms from Mysore and is adjacent to Nagarhole National park. Wyanad Wildlife Sanctuary was established in the year 1973 and is spread over 344 sq. km. It is nestled in the beautiful Western Ghats and the drive into the bamboo-lined roads takes your breath away. It is a part of Niligiri biosphere.

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

The Mystery of which animal might be prowling behind the bushes and thicket will keep you straining your neck and eyes to catch a glimpse of the wildlife. The winding roads leads up and down hills and suddenly land in open luscious green paddy filled valleys and beautiful lakes on either side of the road. Every scene is worth taking a picture. If driving slowly, you will come across some tree houses, which have their own mystic charm.

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

The forest at Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary  is deciduous with teak, oak, rosewood and bamboo trees. It is home to many different types of birds and animals. Giant flying squirrels, Mouse Deer, Spotted Deer, Languar etc., form the herbivore society whereas; the big cat Tiger, Panther, Wild Dogs and Leopard forms the carnivore society. Exotic flowering plants dot the forests to enhance the charisma of the forests.

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

We sighted a male Elephant walking playfully on the banks of a pond.  It dipped its trunk into the water and sprayed the water and walked few meters up and came back to the same spot and played the same way again and again.  After about 15 minutes it walked back into the forest, but for us it was a great visual treat watching from the open jeep.

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Tholpetty Tholpetty

Visiting time to the sanctuary are from 6:00a.m to 8:00a.m and 3:00p.m to 5:30p.m. Tickets rate are 25Rs for adults, 100 Rs for the Guide, Camera if 25 Rs and the Jeep for 1 hour ride inside the forest costs Rs.300.  If your vehicle is an SUV, then you can take your vehicle inside the forest with a guide.  The permitting authority is the assistent wildlife warden, Tholpetty. Telephone number is 04935-250853.

The other places of interest nearby are Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, Thirunelly Temple and Kuruva Dweep / Islands.

Place Statistics:
Type of Place: Wild life Sanctuary
Distance: 100Kms from Mysore; 20Kms from Mananthvady; 96Kms from Kozhikode, which is the nearest airport and railhead
Accommodation:  Available in Sultan Bathery and Mananthavady, the nearest towns, dormitories and rest houses available within the sanctuary
Facilities: Rest Room available

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