Vegetarian Recipes


Kadlebele Uddinabele Chutney

Chutney prepared using Bengal Gram and Split Black Gram. Cuisine: Karnataka Time Required: 10 Minutes Ingredients: 1 Cup Fresh Coconut 1tbsp Kadlebele / Bengal Gram 1/2 tbsp Uddinabele … [Read More...]



Evaporated milk is mixed with an assortment of nuts and sugar and filled into a wrap and deep fried.  The fried Gujia is dipped in sugar syrup and served.  Gujjia is prepared during the festival of … [Read More...]


Rose Sherbet

Rose flavored drink popularly known as Rooh Afsa in North India.  This drink can be prepared either using Rose Syrup or with freshly crushed aromatic rose petals. Time Required: 5 Minutes … [Read More...]


Alu Bhindi

An unusual combination of Potatoes and Okra mixed with spices. Time Required: 20 Minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 12 – 15 Bhindi / Lady’s finger / Okra, Chopped into roundels 2 Alu / … [Read More...]

Ragi Halwa

Ragi Halwa

Ragi Halwa is a pudding prepared using Finger Millet. Cuisine: Karnataka Time Required: 40 minutes Ingredients: 1 Cup Ragi / Finger Millet /  Nachni 1 Cup Sugar ½ tsp Elaichi / … [Read More...]


Godi Huggi

A wholesome dish prepared using broken wheat. Time Required: 25 Minutes + Soaking Time Ingredients: 1 Cup Broken Wheat / Godi Akki ½ Cup Whole Green Gram 4 Cloves 6 Peppercorns ¼ Cup … [Read More...]


Vegetable Khichdi

A Rice dish prepared using split Green Gram and assorted vegetables.  A very healthy and complete meal. Time Required: 40 Minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 2 Cups Rice 1 Cup Hesarubele/Moong … [Read More...]


Mysore Pak

This rich sweet dish is popular in the regions of Mysore.  This is prepared using Clarified Butter/Ghee and Gram Flour. Time Required: 20 Minutes Ingredients: 1 Cup Kadale Hittu/Besan/Gram … [Read More...]



Ralliah Dam, Coonoor

It was a pleasant surprise to know that there is a Dam in Coonoor and what made the visit more exciting was the fact that we had to trek in the striking mountain ridges along the Wellington-Coonoor … [Read More...]

Udaipur, Rajasthan


Udaipur is a charming city in Rajasthan. It is popularly known as City of lakes and was the capital of Mewar kingdom. Maharana Udai Singh II founded Udaipur in 1559. When Chittor fort was … [Read More...]


South Goa Beaches

Are you craving for the sand to slip through your toes, feel the sea breeze on your hair, hear the music of waves hungry to touch the shore, sipping in a cool long drink, then the right place for you … [Read More...]

Idagungi Temple

Idagunji temple

Karnataka coastal region has many famous temples dedicated to various gods and goddesses. Many temples on this coast are dedicated to Lord Ganesha. There is a belief that you are blessed if you visit … [Read More...]


Stone House Ooty

Stone house Ooty also known as Kal Bangala by the tribals (Thodas) is the first bungalow built using stones/kal in Ooty. Stone House Ooty was built by John Sullivan in 1822. He acquired the land from … [Read More...]


Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary

Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary is part of Sharavathi River Valley and was declared protected in 1972. It is the best place to spot many species of exotic birds and butterflies along with mammals and … [Read More...]

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Orchid Aerides Crispum

Orchid Aerides Crispum is widely grown in the western ghats of India. The flowers have a pleasant fragrance. The aerial roots are thick and absorb all the essential nutrients from the … [Read More...]

Sampige - Champaka Tree

Sampige Mara

Sampige Marada Hasirele Naduve Kogile Haadiththu Ada Keli Na Mai Marethe Swara ondu Aagle Kalithe Na Haadide Ee Kavithe (2) Chikkovo Chikkovo Ennutha Kogile Haditthu This is a famous … [Read More...]



I call Marigolds “Happiness flowers” as they are the happiness quotient in a garden. The botanical name of Marigold is Tagetes erecta and belongs to family Asteraceae. There are 56 species of … [Read More...]


Marsh Mallow

March Mellow is undoubtedly the most handsome of all wild flowers. Botanical name is Althaea officinalis and belongs to the mallow family. Pictures of Marsh Mallow taken in Kukkarahalli Lake, … [Read More...]


Peepal Tree

Botanical name of Peepal Tree is Ficus religiosa and belongs to the Moraceae. Peepal tree is native of South East Asia. It is also known as Bodhi Tree. The Peepal tree can be traced back to the … [Read More...]



Roheda is the state flower of Rajasthan. It is a treat to the eyes when you come across a Roheda in full bloom in the desert. The common name of Roheda is Honey Tree, Desert Teak and Marwar Teak. In … [Read More...]



Bougainvillea is the most colorful plant and also the most preferred plant by gardeners worldwide. Plant Summary: Bougainvillea belongs to Nyctaginaceae family. It is a native of Brazil and … [Read More...]

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