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March 2015 Hints

March 2015 Hints are as follows: Soak the chopped brinjals in salted water for 30 minutes to 1 hour to remove the bitterness.  Sieve the water before use. While tying puffed rice laddoos, … [Read More...]

Vegetarian Recipes


Mango Dosa

The best part of summer is the availability of Mango. Mango whether ripe or raw can be used in a myriad of dishes. This dosa is one of them. Time Required: 20 Minutes Ingredients: 1 Cup … [Read More...]


Kayi Sasve Chitranna

Kayi Sasve Chitranna is rice prepared using Coconut and Mustard Seeds. Cuisine: Karnataka Time Required: 30 Minutes Ingredients: 6 Cups Cooked Rice 1 Cup Fresh Coconut, Grated 5 Green … [Read More...]


Badam Halwa

Wish you all a happy and colorful Holi.  Enjoy this sweet dish prepared using Almonds. Cuisine: North Indian Time Required: 30 Minutes + Soaking time Ingredients: 1 Cup Almonds, soaked … [Read More...]


Rawe Uppittu

Rawe Uppittu is a dish prepared using Semolina and is popularly known as Upma.  The aroma that arises while preparing this dish is enough to make you hungry and grab a plate.  When served with a sweet … [Read More...]


Antina Unde

Sweet dish prepared using dry fruits and nuts and edible gum.  Antina Unde is prepared for lactating mothers in Maharashtra and North Karnataka. Time Required: 40 Minutes Ingredients: 1 Cup … [Read More...]


Bhendekayi Palya

Bhendekayi Palya is a side dish prepared using Lady's Finger/Okra. Cuisine: South India Time Required: 30 Minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 25 Bhindi/Okra 1 Big Onion 2 Tomatoes 1tsp … [Read More...]


Vegetable Alu Patties Burger

Everybody loves Burger and kids will love to assemble their own customized Burger at home. Time Required: 30 Minutes Ingredients: 1 Alu Patties 2 leaves of Lettuce 1 Cheese slice, … [Read More...]


Jowar Bhajji

Crispy fritters prepared using Sorghum flour.  An ideal evening snack with hot tea or coffee. Time Required: 25 Minutes Makes: 18 Ingredients: 1 Cup Jowar Flour ¼ Cup Besan 2 Spoons … [Read More...]



Jantar Mantar Jaipur

Jantar Mantar Jaipur in Rajasthan, is the Largest Stone Astronomical Observatory in the World. It was built by Jaipur Maharajah, Jai Sawai Singh II during 1727 to 1733. Jantar Mantar Jaipur is one of … [Read More...]



Varadahalli also known as Varadapura is situated 6 Kms from Sagar, Shimoga district of Karnataka. This divine place in the midst of pristine natural surroundings of the Western ghats was the chosen … [Read More...]

Sri Ramanarasaiah

When we moved to our own house, I dreamt of hanging an original Mysore painting in the lobby. Thus started my quest to find either the right painting or a painter. Fortunately, I came across a website … [Read More...]

Phantom Rock

Phantom Rock

Phantom Rock also known locally as Cheengeri Mala is a skull shaped rock on a metamorphic rocky hill. When we visited it was raining continuously and hence we could not attempt to climb the … [Read More...]


Maravanthe Beach

On our Karnataka coastal temple trip, my husband insisted on driving up to the Maravanthe beach. The drive was spectacular with the Arabian Sea lashing on one side of the road and the Saurpanika River … [Read More...]


Nathdwara Shrinathji Temple

Nathdwara means gateway to god and this divine place is situated in the Aravalli hills on the banks of Banas River 48 Km from Udaipur, Rajasthan. The place is popular for Nathdwara Shrinathji / … [Read More...]


Forts of Goa

Most of the forts built in Goa are high up on the hills and offer a grand view of the Arabian Sea.  The forts of Goa are dotted from Tiracol Fort, which is at the northernmost tip of Goa to Cabo da … [Read More...]

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Tabebuia Rosea

Tabebuia Rosea is also known as the Pink Trumpet Tree, Pink poui, Pink tecoma, Rosy trumpet tree.  In Hindi this tree is known as Basant Rani. These huge deciduous trees are found in plenty in … [Read More...]


Orchid Dendrobium Aqueum

Plant Summary: Dendrobium aqueum is an exquisite epiphytic orchid found in Kolli Hills Tamil Nadu, Himvad Gopalswamy betta in Karnataka and Coorg. The flowers are White with the lip acquiring … [Read More...]


Akash Mallige – Indian Cork Tree

There are around 20 Akasha Mallige / Indian Cork trees lining our apartment compound. The ground is covered with these lovely fragrant flowers. It is a treat to see the tall trees in full … [Read More...]


Preparing Moss Grass Stem

Moss grass stem is very useful to support climbing plants, the roots will be able cling on to the moss stem as they climb up. Plant species like Scindapsus, Philodendron, Monstera and Syngonium are … [Read More...]



Bougainvillea is the most colorful plant and also the most preferred plant by gardeners worldwide. Plant Summary: Bougainvillea belongs to Nyctaginaceae family. It is a native of Brazil and … [Read More...]


Orchid Oberonia

There are 53 species of Oberonia Orchids. Out of this 24 species are found in Kerala and Karnataka. Oberonia is also found in Eastern Himalayas, Assam, Thailand, Malaysia, Uttaranchal, and Java. They … [Read More...]

Peacock Flower

Peacock Flower

Peacock flower with other common names like Pride of Barbados, and Dwarf Poinciana belongs to Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar) family. The Botanical name is Caesalpinia pulcherrima and in Hindi it is known … [Read More...]

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