Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Botanical name is Spathiphyllum wallisii and belongs to Araceae family. Peace Lily are evergreen perennial plants with large attractive leaves. The leaves grow directly from the root and are green, … [Read More...]

Vegetarian Recipes



Thambittu is a sweet is prepared using fried gram flour and is prepared on Nagara Panchami festival. Cuisine: Karnataka Time Required: 15 Minutes … [Read More...]


Leek and Potato Soup

Time Required: 30 Minutes Ingredients: A bunch of Leek 2 Potatoes 1 Ripe Red Chili 3 Bay Leaves 1tsp Ground White Pepper 1tsp Butter 1tsp Olive Oil Celery for garnishing Salt to … [Read More...]


Baked Beans Toast

A healthy breakfast to start the day Time Required: 20 Minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 12 slices of Wheat Bread 1 tin Baked Beans 1 Onion, Chopped finely 1tbsp Chopped Coriander Leaves, … [Read More...]


Stuffed Parwal

Pointed Gourd stuffed with Onion, Potatoes and spices. Time required: 30 Minutes Ingredients: 7 – 8 Parwal / Pointed Gourd 2tbsp Oil 2 Green Chilies, Chopped finely 1tsp Mustard … [Read More...]

Khoya Holige

Khoya Holige

Khoya holige is a sweet stuffed bread prepared using dehydrated milk, nuts,  and jaggery. Cuisine: Karnataka Time Required: 40 Minutes Happy Gowri and Ganesha festival! Ingredients: ½ … [Read More...]


Mixed Vegetable Kootu

Curry prepared using assorted vegetables. It is prepared during auspicious ceremonies like Upanayana / Sacred thread, Weddings etc., Time Required: 30 Minutes Serves: 6 Ingredients: 1 Cup … [Read More...]


Mangodi Pulav

This flavored Rice with dehydrated lentil dumplings recipe is from the state of kings, Rajasthan. Time Required: 30 Minutes … [Read More...]



Lady Cannings Seat

Coonoor and Ooty are famous for their view points. Lady Cannings Seat is one of them. View of tea estates and plains around Nilgiris is best enjoyed from here. An endearing small Victorian style … [Read More...]


Kalahatti Waterfalls

Picture1 - On the way to Kalahatti Falls Kalahatti waterfall is nestled in the midst of the enchanting Kalhatti ghats of Nilgiri birosphere. It is situated 14 Kms from Ooty and 15 Kms from … [Read More...]


Sowkoor Durgaparameshwari Temple

A temple dedicated to goddess Sri Durgaparameshwari is situated in Sowkoor, Kundapur taluk. This unknown temple is tucked away in the gorgeous hills of the Western Ghats. But the people who have … [Read More...]


Shopping in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is haven for shoppers. Every city in Rajasthan has a buzzing colorful market and visitors throng these places to take back things as a momento. Shopping in Rajasthan is an experience by … [Read More...]


Bagore Ki Haveli, Udaipur

When we visited Bagore Ki Haveli / Bungalow, it was late in the evening and the live music and the subdued lights in the Haveli on the banks of Lake Pichola, Udaipur took us back to few centuries. … [Read More...]


Jain Temples Jaisalmer

Some of the most magnificent Jain temples are location in the fort of Jaisalmer. Jain temples Jaisalmer are ancient and are a pilgrimage center for Jains. These temples date back to the 12th and 15th … [Read More...]

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Peacock Flower

Peacock Flower

Peacock flower with other common names like Pride of Barbados, and Dwarf Poinciana belongs to Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar) family. The Botanical name is Caesalpinia pulcherrima and in Hindi it is known … [Read More...]


Preparing Moss Grass Stem

Moss grass stem is very useful to support climbing plants, the roots will be able cling on to the moss stem as they climb up. Plant species like Scindapsus, Philodendron, Monstera and Syngonium are … [Read More...]



My dad had bought a flower-sketching book for my sister and me and we used to sketch out the different exotic flowers from the book. One flower that always fascinated me was the Magnolia flower, … [Read More...]


Coral Shower Tree

Plant Summary: Flowering trees have started to bloom to welcome spring and warmth into our lives. One of the most beautiful flowering trees is the Coral Shower Tree also known as Pink Shower tree and … [Read More...]



Every house with a garden in South India will have a Hibiscus plant. The flowers are plucked in the morning and are arranged aesthetically in the Pooja Room. Botanical name is Hibiscus … [Read More...]

Bethlehem Lily

Bethlehem Lily – Nishagandhi

Bethlehem Lily is known as Nishagandhi and Brahma Kamala in India. The botanical name is Epiphyllum Oxypetalum and belongs to Cactaceae (cactus) family. Nishagandhi is the name given because the … [Read More...]

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