Ayurveda Asthisrinkhala

Plant Summary:
The botanical name of this medicinal plant is Cissus Quadrangularis Linn. In Sanskrit it is known as Asthisrinkhala, Vajravalli, Dharavalli, Chaturdhara, Vajralatha. In English it is known as Edible stemmed vine, Bone setter.


I found this plant growing healthily and wildly taking support of a tree in Karighatta hill. Asthisrinkhala plant is a tendril climber with an interesting stem. The stem is cactus like plump fleshy quadrangular segments attached to one another. Leaves are saw-toothed and alternate with tendrils on the opposite of these leaves. The flowers are small and green but fruits are oval and red. In the place where the segments of stem meet, aerial roots grow and if they come in contact with soil, then another plant start to grow there. So, multiple plants can be grown by cutting at the segment and planting in soil.


Plant needs plenty of water and partial shade.

Medicinal Value:
The whole plant is used in Ayurveda to treat a myriad of diseases like cold, acidity, piles, osteoporosis, anorexia and fracture.
Asthisrinkhala plants can be bought in any of the government owned horticulture nurseries. In Bangalore, Lal bagh and in Mysore, the horticulture department nursery near Harding circle has a good stock of medicinal plants.