Wood Arrangement


“Wood Arrangements” include arrangements with driftwood or even roots and stumps of trees. Coffee roots are very popular in wood arrangements. The roots and the wood when combined with bright flowers and foliage make a pleasing arrangement.

Picture above – Driftwood being smoothened in the river that flows in Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Driftwood refers to branches of trees, which breaks off and fall into the water. These pieces drift along the water and the action of the swift current smoothens out their contours and often gives them attractive and unusual shapes. Driftwood is very light and often these pieces get embedded between rocks in streams and water falls and the water acts on them and shapes them. Driftwood when used in an arrangement adds drama to it.

Treatment for Wood :

Whether it is driftwood, roots or tree stumps, they need to be treated before being brought indoors, as it is often infested with termites and other insects, which may harm the home furniture. Keep the pieces of the wood immersed in water for 2 days. Remove them from the water and using an old toothbrush, brush off the mud clinging in the crevices and the sides of the wood.

Using a sharp knife trim the uneven bark to give a smooth look. For the next couple of days pour boiling water occasionally over the wood pieces – this will kill most of the insects. Spray the wood with water mixed with an insecticide. Dry the wood pieces in the sun for 3 days. Using Emery/Sand paper, rub the wood for a smoother finish.


Finally to add gloss, they can be painted with a coat of varnish. This gives them sheen and highlights the natural hue of the wood.

After this treatment, the wood pieces are ready to be brought indoors and used in arrangements. Select appropriate containers or vases that go with the wood – for example, containers made of Copper, Brass or Terracotta vases. Driftwood is widely used in the Japanese art of Flower ArrangementIkebana. The arrangement will mainly revolve around the wood piece and accordingly the flower and foliage will be arranged. Using wood brings the forest and adventure into the house.


Drifwood in aquarium will give it a real and exotic look and the fishes will love to swim in and out of the branches.


Wood pieces can also be arranged among a group of potted plants in the verandah or in the drawing room. The wood pieces can be combined with sculptures, stone statues and brass statues of gods and goddesses to give an ethnic touch to the interiors.