Pattada Gombe Alankara

Pattada Gombe in Kannada means, the royal dolls and Alankara means decoration. Many households have a custom of arranging dolls during Dasara festival in Mysore and distribute sweet and savories to children.  This is also known as Kolu in Iyengar households.  Various dolls are arranged and the main dolls are the King and the Queen. The King and Queen dolls are made of Chandana / Rosewood. These dolls are gifted to the girl on her wedding day by her parents. You can also buy the dolls in shops in Karnataka. Every year, few days before Dasara, the Pattada Gombe / King and Queen dolls are decorated using different materials. Credit for decorating the dolls in the pictures below goes to my mom.

Pattada Raja Pattada Rani

Materials Required:
Pattada Gombe / King and Queen dolls
Colored Papers or Cloth
Gold and Silver papers or lace
Cellophane tape
Bindi Stickers
Black Hair

Dasara Gombe

Take measurements of the dolls and cut the paper or cloth for the Sari, Blouse, Dhothi / Salwar, Kurta / Tunic, Shawl, Turban, Borders etc. as shown in the picture below.

Dasara Gombe

Braid the hair and make a wig for the Queen. Decorate hair with accessories.

Dasara Gombe

String the beads for necklaces and bangles. Use the bead string on the turban.

Pattada Gombe

Stick Bindi for ear rings and on the forehead.

Pattada Rani

Stick the borders on the Sari and Kurta and Dhothi. Assemble the costume and fix it on the dolls using Gum or Cellophane tape.

Dasara Pattada Gombe

The dolls are now ready to lead the arrangement.  Aren’t they a handsome couple!?  How about treating them with Dasara Snacks and Savories?