Cherry Tomato Flower Arrangement

Cherry tomatoes carved into flowers and arranged in a Cucumber vase.

Vegetable Carving

Materials Required:
5 – 6 Cherry Tomatoes
10 Sticks or Green firm stalks
3 – 4 Green Chilies
Few Curry Leaves
A sprig of Spring Onion
Few Tulasi/Basil Branches
1 Cucumber

Cut each of the Cherry Tomato into 5 petal flowers (Picture1).  Do not carve petals for two very small Cherry Tomatoes to represent buds.

Cherry Tomato Carving

 Slip a Spring Onion on each of the sticks to look like a stalk.  Stick a single Curry leaf on top of the stick to form the calyx (Picture2).

Cherry Tomato Carving

Stick each of the Cherry Tomato flower onto a stick (Picture3).

Cherry Tomato Carving

Similarly stick each Green Chili onto a stick (Picture4).

Green Chilies Carving

Cut Cucumber into half and scoop out the flesh from it.  Carve designs over the Cucumber and arrange Tomato flower, Tulasi branches and Green Chili sticks in the Cucumber Vase (Picture5).

Cherry Tomatoes Flower Arrangement