Cheese Straw

Cheese Straw

Cheese Straw is great to serve with tea in the evening. This can be part of a picnic basket and great to munch as you drive. Time required: 1 Hour Cookie method: Bread Crumbs … [Read more...]

Corn on the cob

Bhutta – Roasted Corn

As people welcome rain, carts loaded with Corn are seen at the street corner roasting them and selling them to eager customers. Corn roasted on coal and served smeared with Mint Chutney or Salt, Chili … [Read more...]


Iyengar Bakery Toast

Occasionally Iyengar Bakery Toast would be the evening snacks at home.  I still crave to bite into one sometimes. Cuisine: Karnataka Time Required: 20 Minutes Ingredients: Few slices of … [Read more...]


Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno nah! not available in Namma Bengaluru, so prepared the poppers with Shimla Mirch. Cuisine: USA Time Required: 45 Minutes Ingredients: Few Jalapenos or Shimla Mirch 1 Cup … [Read more...]


Eggplant Rolls

Cuisine: Continental Time Required: 30 Minutes Ingredients: 1tbsp Olive Oil 2tbsp Bread Crumbs For grilling Eggplant: 1 Big Eggplant / Aubergine / Brinjal Few Majoram leaves 1tbsp … [Read more...]


Ginger Cookies

Cookies with ginger flavor brings back memories of Enid Blyton kids on a picnic! Cookies method: Ice Box Makes: 40 Cookies Ingredients: ¾ Cup Butter ½ Cup Brown Sugar / Cane Sugar … [Read more...]


Garlic Bread

Making bread at home is an art.  I have not perfected it yet, but my attempts to bake continue... Cuisine: European Time Required: 1 hour Ingredients: 250 gms Maida 1tbsp Butter or … [Read more...]


Eggless Butter Cookies

Crispy melting home-made butter cookies is a favorite with the hungry child. Cookie Cooking Method: Bread Crumb method Time Required: 1 hour Ingredients: 100gms Maida / Refined … [Read more...]


Orange Vanilla Cookies

This year was the year of Oranges in Bangalore.  They were available in abundance and I happily indulged cooking recipes with Oranges. Time Required: 40 Minutes … [Read more...]


Paneer Tikka

Cottage Cheese coated with spices and grilled or shallow fried. This dish is very suitable to be served as a starter. Time Required: 20 Minutes Ingredients: 10 – 15 1” square pieces of … [Read more...]


Grilled Tit Bits

Time Required: 20 Minutes + Marinating time Serves: 4 Ingredients: 2 Cups Paneer / Cottage Cheese cut into 1” X 1” pieces 2 Capsicums, Cut into large pieces 2 Onions, Cut into large … [Read more...]


Tandoori Baby Corn

Grilled Baby Corn is a very tasty dish to be served as a starter. Time Required: 15 minutes + marinating time Ingredients: 15 Baby Corns 1tsp Ginger – Garlic paste 1tsp Red Chili paste ½ … [Read more...]

Honey and Cinnamon Buns

Honey and Cinnamon Buns

Honey and Cinnamon Buns are a favorite among children during holidays. Number of Buns: 12 Ingredients: ¼ Cup Butter, Softened ½ Cup Honey ½ Cup Chopped toasted nuts 2 tsp Cinnamon … [Read more...]

Ghama Ghamalu

Ghama Ghamalu

Ghama Ghamalu are Cardamom flavored cookies. Time Required: 40 Minutes Ingredients: 150gms/5 Ounce Maida (Refined Flour) 100gms/3.5 Ounce Butter 125gms/4.4 Ounce Sugar ½ tsp Ammonia Bi … [Read more...]


Crispy Croutons

Time Required: 20 minutes Ingredients: Few pieces of Bread Sunflower Oil or Olive Oil Method: Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Centigrade. Cut the Bread into small cubes and place on a … [Read more...]