Jelly or Jello

Make Jelly or Jello from the various Jelly making packs available in the market.  Vegetarians - check for the Green dot on the pack.  Follow the instructions and voila Jelly is ready. Cut into … [Read more...]


Tender Coconut Pudding

Tender coconut pudding is a delightful ending to a dinner. Time Required: 20 Minutes + Cooling time Ingredients: 5 gms Agar Agar / China Grass ½ Cup Condensed Milk ¾ Cup Water 2tbsp … [Read more...]


Kiwi Soufflé

After a hearty bread based meal, Kiwi soufflé is apt to be served as a dessert. Cuisine: French Time Required: 45 minutes Ingredients: 200 gms Whipping Cream 2tbsp Sugar ½ Cup Kiwi … [Read more...]