Grape Jam

Grape Jam

I could not resist buying bunches of grapes on the way to Nandi Hills and my mom was more than willing to prepare the Grape Jam. Time Required: 40 Minutes … [Read more...]


Pineapple Jam

This is a perfect way to preserve Pineapple with its natural aroma and taste intact. I like to retain the original color and aroma of Pineapple and hence have neither added food color nor … [Read more...]


Jamun Jam

A jam prepared using the Jamun fruit. Time Required: 30 Minutes Ingredients: 500 gms Jamun Quantity of Sugar will be half the measurement of the weight of the Juice extracted (For … [Read more...]


Apple Mint Jelly

Recipe of mint flavored apple jelly. Time Required: 30 Minutes Ingredients: 1 bowl Mint leaves 1/2 bowl Water 1/2 Cup Sugar 1 Apple Salt and Pepper Green food coloring … [Read more...]


Whole Gooseberry Jam

Bottles of whole Gooseberry jam would be lined up in kitchen shelf to last for a year and we would be given one Gooseberry daily in a cup along with some sugar syrup like a Jamoon.  This jam used to … [Read more...]


Mango Tit Bits Jam

Jam with Mango pieces floating in it! Time Required: 20 Minutes Ingredients: 1 Cup Mango pieces (neither raw nor ripe), preferably Thothapuri 1 Cup Sugar Method: Steam the Mango … [Read more...]


Bettadanellikayi Murabba

Jam prepared using Indian Gooseberries.  The Gooseberries are available in India during November to January.  A branch of Gooseberry tree is stuck in a Tulsi/Sacred Basil pot and worshiped during … [Read more...]



Aromatic rose petals are preserved in Sugar and used as an accompaniment with Indian Bread and in Paan. Ingredients: 500 gms/17 Ounce Aromatic Rose Petals 200 gms/7 Ounce … [Read more...]