Boodakumbalakayi Sippe Balaka

The peels of Ash Pumpkin are sun dried with spices. Boodakumbalakayi Sippe Balaka can be stored can deep fried whenever desired to be relished with Anna / Rice and Saaru / thin … [Read more...]


Aralu Sandige

Puffed and flattened Rice is mixed with raw white Pumpkin, Green Chilies and Salt and dried in the sun for two days.  Aralu Sandige can be stored for a long time.  This dried fryums will be deep fried … [Read more...]


Menasinakai Balaka

Menasinakai Balaka are sun dried stuffed Green Chilies, which are Shallow fried before serving in South India. Time Required: 15 Minutes + Drying Time Ingredients: 10 Green Chilies 1tsp … [Read more...]