Oats Idli

Oats Idli

As India discovered the goodness of Oats and started consuming it the way the English did, some liked it and some did not, and the some who do not like it the English way can now easily have the Oats … [Read more...]

Mallige Idli

Mallige Idli

Mallige Idli is steamed rice cake. This is a healthy breakfast served in almost all South Indian households. Mallige means Jasmine flower. The end product of this recipe are Idlis as soft as the … [Read more...]

Falafel Sandwich

Falafel Sandwich

Falafel Sandwich is a Falafel Sandwich middle eastern favorite where chik pea fritters and vegetables are stuffed into a Pita bread. Cuisine: Middle East / Mediterranean Time Required: 15 … [Read more...]

Sihi Aralittu

Sihi Aralittu

Sihi Aralittu is a very healthy breakfast prevalent in North Karnataka.  The Jower/Sorghum Seeds Pop is ground to a coarse powder, which is mixed with Milk, Jaggery, and Ghee!!! Yum and I am down the … [Read more...]

Sweet Corn Burritos

Sweet Corn Burritos

Burrito is a wheat flour tortilla stuffed with Vegetables, Rice, or Bean and folded into a cylindrical shape. Sweet Corn Burritos is stuffed with Sweet Corn and Capscium. Cuisine: Mexican - … [Read more...]

Vegetable Dosa

Vegetable Dosa

Nutritious vegetable dosa that can be served with no accompaniments! Cuisine: South Indian Time Required: 20 Minutes Ingredients: 1 tsp Oil 1 tsp Jeera 1 tsp Mustard Seeds A pinch of Turmeric … [Read more...]

Pita Bread Sandwich

Pita Bread Sandwich

Pita Bread Sandwich is a tasty wholesome meal. Need not have all the ingredients mentioned in this recipe. You can use cream cheese instead of Hummus or you can use Green Capsicum instead of Red and … [Read more...]

Beetroot Poori

Beetroot Poori

Beetroot Poori is sure to attract attention when served in a party. Time Required: 30 minutes Ingredients: 1 Beetroot 1 bowl Wheat Flour 1tsp Oil ¼ tsp Ajwain, crushed Oil for deep … [Read more...]

dosa italiano

Dosa Italiano

Dosa Italiano as the name suggests contains Italian ingredients as topping. Cuisine: Fusion Time Required: 20 Minutes Ingredients: 1 Bowl Dosa Batter Olive Oil for roasting For the … [Read more...]


Rawa Idli

Steamed cakes prepared using Semolina.  An ideal and filling breakfast. Cuisine: Karnataka Time Required: 40 Minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 4 Cups Rawa/Semolina 4 Cups Curds 1 Cup … [Read more...]


Open Masala Dosa

This Dosa/Crepe is slightly thicker than the plain Dosa.  The Masala is arranged on the Dosa openly when served, hence the name Open Masala Dosa. Cuisine: Karnataka Time Required: 30 … [Read more...]


Baked Beans Toast

A healthy breakfast to start the day Time Required: 20 Minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 12 slices of Wheat Bread 1 tin Baked Beans 1 Onion, Chopped finely 1tbsp Chopped Coriander Leaves, … [Read more...]


Bread Uppittu

Time Required: 25 Minutes Serves: 2 Ingredients: 10 Bread slices 1 Onion 2tbsp Chopped Coriander 2 Green Chilies Juice of half Lemon Few Curry leaves 1tbsp Oil 1tsp Bengal Gram 1tsp … [Read more...]


Dasara Dose

There is an excellent vegetable shop next to the Hanuman temple in Saligrama, Dakshni Kannada.  As I was browsing, I saw giant Cucumbers and casually asked the vendor, whether he knew the different … [Read more...]


Chili Toast

Time Required: 10 Minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 8 slices of Sandwich Bread 3 Green Chilies, Chopped finely Few Olives, sliced Mozrella Cheese, Grated Method: Arrange few pieces of … [Read more...]


Mysore Masala Dosa

Mysore is not only famous for its palaces but also for its Masala Dosas / Crepes folded over a spicy Potato dish. Time Required: 20 Minutes + Soaking and Fermenting time Ingredients: Oil … [Read more...]


Garden Fresh Toast

Tasty and nutritious toast to break the fast. Time Required: 20 Minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 8 Plain Bread slices 1/2 Yellow Pepper/Capsicum, Chopped finely 1/2 Red Pepper/Capsicum, … [Read more...]


Vaggarane Avalakki

A dish prepared using Poha/Flattened Rice.  Vaggarane Avalakki is extremely tasty and much sought after to be prepared for breakfast. Cuisine: Karnataka Time Required: 40 Minutes Serves: … [Read more...]


Watermelon Dosa

Surprise your friends and family by prepared Watermelon Dosa for breakfast! Cuisine: South Karnataka Time Required: 20 Minutes + Soaking Time Ingredients: 2 cups Rice ½ cup grated fresh … [Read more...]