Lablab Bean

Lablab Bean

Other common names of Lablab are hyacinth bean, dolichos bean, seim bean, Egyptian kidney bean, Indian bean, chicharo and Australian pea. Chapparada Avarekayi in Kannada, Bhatvas, Shimi in Hindi, and Nispavah in Sanskrit. Botanical name is Lablab … [Read more...]

Ondelaga – Brahmi – Gotu Kola


We are all aware of Brahmi because of Brahmi Amla Kesh Thel (Brahmi – Gooseberry – hair oil) that is manufactured by leading cosmetic brands in India. Botanical name of  Ondelaga – Brahmi – Gotu Kola is Centella Asiatica and belongs to Apiaceae. … [Read more...]

Ganika Patram – Garden Night Shade

Ganika Patram

Ganika Patram is known as Kasi Soppu in Kannada, Makoi in Hindi, and Manathakali in Tamil. Botanical name is Solanum nigrum and belong to Solanaceae family. Other English common names are European black nightshade, Hound's berry, Petty morel, Wonder … [Read more...]

Banana – Plantain

Banana - Plantain

I could not believe when the Banana - Plantain plant that was growing in one patch of our garden flowered one day. We kept a vigil for the flowers to convert into fruit and we were successful in harvesting few bunches of Banana. I have used … [Read more...]