Pathar Ke Phool

Stone Flower

Stone Flower is a Lichen and belongs to Parmeliaceae family. In Kannada it is known as Kallu Hoovu, Hindi it is Kalpassi and Pathar Ke Phool. Botanical name is Lichen Parmelia. When visiting … [Read more...]

Tea Estate


Chai as it is known in India is a favorite beverage across the country. If you ever travel in India by train you are sure to be woken by the chaiwala’s (Tea seller) call. Served in earthen ware, paper … [Read more...]



Mint is known as Pudina in India and is prominently used in Indian cuisines. Botanical name is Mentha longifolia and belong to Lamiaceae family. Mint is derived from the Greek name Mentha. It is … [Read more...]



In Indian cuisine, the first spice that is added while preparing a dish to heated Oil is the Mustard Seeds. It is only when they pop that the other ingredients follow one by one. Asia and … [Read more...]

Custard Apple

Custard Apple

Custard Apple is also known as Sugar Apple and Sharifa in Hindi. In most of the other Indian languages it is known as Sitaphal. Annona Squamosa is the botanical name belonging to Annonaceae … [Read more...]



Also known as Shaddock, Jabong, Grape Fruit, Chakkotha in Kannada, and Madhukarkati in Sanskrit, Pomelo  is the largest citrus fruit belonging to family Rutaceae. Botanical name is Citrus … [Read more...]

Star Fruit tree


Carambola is a fruit native to Indian Sub-continent and South East Asia. This fruit bearing tropical tree is now grown in other parts of the world. When you cut the fruit into roundels, instead of … [Read more...]

Fig Tree

Fig Tree

Other common names of Fig Tree are Cluster Fig Tree, Indian Fig Tree or Goolar (Gular) Fig. It is a native of Australia, India, and South-East Asia. Botanical name is Ficus racemosa and belongs to … [Read more...]

Lablab Bean

Lablab Bean

Other common names of Lablab are hyacinth bean, dolichos bean, seim bean, Egyptian kidney bean, Indian bean, chicharo and Australian pea. Chapparada Avarekayi in Kannada, Bhatvas, Shimi in Hindi, and … [Read more...]


Ondelaga – Brahmi – Gotu Kola

We are all aware of Brahmi because of Brahmi Amla Kesh Thel (Brahmi – Gooseberry – hair oil) that is manufactured by leading cosmetic brands in India. Botanical name of  Ondelaga – Brahmi – Gotu Kola … [Read more...]

Bay Leaves

Indian Bay Leaf Tree

We came across this good looking tree in Padubidiri. My city bred eyes could never have identified the tree. My husband’s relative pointed it to us. We plucked few leaves and crushed them to release … [Read more...]



Carrot Kosambari is a favorite and a very common traditional salad in Mysore so is Carrot Halwa in North India. While teething, babies are given a piece of peeled Carrot to gnaw so as to comfort the … [Read more...]

Ganika Patram

Ganika Patram – Garden Night Shade

Ganika Patram is known as Kasi Soppu in Kannada, Makoi in Hindi, and Manathakali in Tamil. Botanical name is Solanum nigrum and belong to Solanaceae family. Other English common names are European … [Read more...]



Tomato Saru, Tomato Bhajji (raitha), Tomato Chutney, Tomato Onion Chitranna (Rice) were some of the dishes enjoyed while growing up.  Never gave a thought to this fantastic fruit used as a vegetable … [Read more...]

Malayan Apple

Malayan Apple

As the name suggests Malayan Apple is a native of Malaysia. It is also a native of Malaysia’s neighboring countries Java, Indonesia, and Sumatra. Botanical name is Syzygium malaccense and belongs to … [Read more...]

Banana - Plantain

Banana – Plantain

I could not believe when the Banana - Plantain plant that was growing in one patch of our garden flowered one day. We kept a vigil for the flowers to convert into fruit and we were successful … [Read more...]


String Beans

String beans, French beans also known as Runner beans is a vegetable that is used in cuisines across the globe but originated in Peru. The other common names are Snap bean, Bush bean, Pole bean, … [Read more...]


Corn – Maize

As you travel from South India to North India, you will come across many corn fields. There is an increase in the cultivation of Corn in North Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh due to the demand for the … [Read more...]


Jungle Jalebi

I found Jungle Jalebi the perfect name for Pithecellobium dulce known as Malnad Hunchikayi in North Karnataka and Seeme Hunase in South Karnataka. I was introduced to this plant by my cousins again in … [Read more...]


Ber the Indian Jujube Tree

I remember an old lady whom we used to address as “Ajji” (grandma) selling Ber the Indian Jujube Tree (Yelachi Hannu in Kannada and Ber in Urdu) outside our school. And yes, I used to buy them once in … [Read more...]