Angel's Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet

Brugmansia is the botanical name and belongs to Solanaceae family. Datura is a close relative of this plant. Angel's Trumpet is native of South America. Angel’s Trumpet is popular as an … [Read more...]



Chrysanthemum indicum known as Shavanthige in Kannada is the most common flower found growing and selling in Karnataka and the rest of India. Botanical name is Chrysanthemum and belongs to … [Read more...]



I remember my aunt distributing Sri Satyanarayana Prasad (offering) on washed and dried Canna leaves to family and friends after the pooja. There were many of these plants lined near the manmade water … [Read more...]

Water Lily

Water Lily

The still water of a lake or pond is often dotted with colorful water Lilies. Another gift by god to mankind, water lily belongs to Nymphaeaceae family. Who can forget the helpless Thumbelina … [Read more...]

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Botanical name is Spathiphyllum wallisii and belongs to Araceae family. Peace Lily are evergreen perennial plants with large attractive leaves. The leaves grow directly from the root and are green, … [Read more...]



Common names are Blue porterweed, Blue snakeweed, and Brazilian tea. In Kannada it is known as Kariuttarani. Botanical name is Stachytarpheta jamaicensis and belongs to Verbenaceae (Verbena) … [Read more...]



Every house with a garden in South India will have a Hibiscus plant. The flowers are plucked in the morning and are arranged aesthetically in the Pooja Room. Botanical name is Hibiscus … [Read more...]

Viola Hederacea

Viola Hederacea

Flowers of this perennial creeping evergreen plant are as pretty as its name. Viola Hederacea is the botanical name and belongs to Violaceae family. It is a native of Australia. Due to the … [Read more...]

Tropical Sage

Tropical Sage

Botanical name is Salvia Coccinea and belongs to Lamiaceae family.  Other common names of Tropical sage are Texas sage, Scarlet sage, Tropical Sage, and blood sage. Tropical Sage is a perennial … [Read more...]

Machi Pathram

Machi Patram – Japanese Mugwort

Also known as Manchpatre in Kannada, Yomogi in Japanese, and Tite Pati in Hindi, Machi Patram - Japanese Mugwort is a perennial grown for its ornamental and medicinal values. Various species of … [Read more...]


Busy Lizzie – Impatiens

A single Busy Lizzie plant is enough to brighten up a garden. The botanical name is Impatiens walleriana and belongs to Balsaminaceae family. Busy Lizzie – Impatiens is a perennial herb and is native … [Read more...]


Maruga – Marjoram

The fragrant Maruga (Kannada) bunches sells fast in South Karnataka markets during the Hindu month Shravana (Aug – Sept), as the leaves of this plant are offered to gods and goddesses on all the … [Read more...]

Lotus Pond


Lotus flower since centuries has been a symbol of beauty, peace, purity, and non-attachment. The flower is widely depicted in Hinduism and Buddhism. Hence, this exotic flower is the national flower of … [Read more...]



Public gardens are incomplete without this plant. Allamanda is a very attractive plant that catches your eye instantly and becomes a center of attraction in any garden. Allamanda is a native of South … [Read more...]



Davana is an aromatic herb sold, tied as bunches by the flower sellers. Davana and Maruga / Majorma bunches sell the most during Ganesha-Gowri festival. Plant Summary: The botanical name is … [Read more...]


Oleander – Kanagale

I am really amazed about my childhood memories revolving around plants and trees! I remember plucking two leaves of Kanagale and putting them together and pulling it in and out, which would make a … [Read more...]


Four O Clock Flowers – Sanje Mallige

Plant Summary: “Sanje” means evening in Kannada and “Mallige” means Jasmine.   Since the flowers bloom at around four in the evenings and wilt by morning it is called as Sanje Mallige in Kannada and … [Read more...]


Pagoda Flower

Pagoda flower has a beautiful Tamil name Krishna Kireedam meaning the crown of Lord Krishna. The name is very apt for this flower. Plant Summary: Pagoda flower botanical name is Clerodendrum … [Read more...]