Malabar Jasmine

Malabar Jasmine

Wild Jasmine is another common name of this flower with a lovely fragrance.  In Marathi Malabar Jasmine is known as Kusar or Ran Mogra, in Tamil it is known as Kotivakai, in Kannada it is known as … [Read more...]

Sanna Marale

Sanna Marale or Sanna Mallige

In Kannada this perennial flower is known as Sanna Marale or Sanna Mallige. Other common names are Juhi in Hinid, Uccimalligai in Tamil, Adavimalle in Telugu, and Yuthika in Sanskrit. Botanical name … [Read more...]

Blue Cluster Vine

Blue Cluster Vine

Native of tropical America, the botanical name is Jacquemontia pentanthos and belongs to Convolvulaceae (morning-glory) family. Blue Cluster Vine is a perennial creeper and can grow up to 8 feet long … [Read more...]

Shanka Pushpa

Shanka Pushpa

As we traverse on the country roads, we have come across the pretty Shanka Pushpa making its presence felt among the other wild plants. The botanical name is Clitoria ternatea and is also known as … [Read more...]


Garlic Creeper

Garlic creeper is a delight to grow as it shoots up very fast and when in bloom it is a sight to behold! Plant Summary: The name is derived because the leaves when crushed smells of garlic. The … [Read more...]



Bougainvillea is the most colorful plant and also the most preferred plant by gardeners worldwide. Plant Summary: Bougainvillea belongs to Nyctaginaceae family. It is a native of Brazil and … [Read more...]


Honolulu Creeper

The flower bunches of this creeper is like a readymade delicate garland. It is very ideal to grow this creeper on pergolas and to line the compound. It adds a bonhomie feeling to the house or the … [Read more...]


Red Passion Flower

I came across this vine in Lalbagh, Bangalore climbing up the nursery mesh with Red flowers. Red Passion Flower is very similar to the Purple Passion flower and belongs to the same family … [Read more...]


Philippines Jade Vine

I rushed to Lal Bagh, when I read the news that the rare Philippine Jade Vine also known as Emerald Vine had bloomed. It was a rare sight of this bloom with an extremely rare color. Plant … [Read more...]


Glory Lily

Plant Summary: The other common names of this exotic flower are Tiger Claw, Bachnag (Hindi), Agnisikhe (Kannada), Agnimukhi (Sanskrit). Because of the curious shape and colors of the petals of the … [Read more...]