Resurrection Lily

Resurrection Lily

Common names of Resurrection Lily are Peacock Plant and Peacock Ginger.  Botanical name is Kaempferia pulchra and belong to Zingiberaceae (ginger) family.   The broad flat deep bronze foliage has … [Read more...]



Also known as Globe Amaranth or Bachelor Button is an annual belonging to Amaranthaceae family.  It is known as Adike hoovu in Kannada, Rakthamallika in Sanskrit, Gul-e-makhmal Hindi, and Gundi in … [Read more...]



Botanical name of Hollyhock is Alcea rosea or Alcea setosa and they belong to Malvaceae (mallow) family. There are hardly any gardens without Hollyhocks standing tall displaying the bright blooms on … [Read more...]



Balsam belongs to family Balsaminaceae. There are 850 species of this plant. They are annuals found in tropical and temperate regions of the world. Some of the other common names of Balsam are … [Read more...]



I call Marigolds “Happiness flowers” as they are the happiness quotient in a garden. The botanical name of Marigold is Tagetes erecta and belongs to family Asteraceae. There are 56 species of … [Read more...]



Plant Summary: Phlox are one of the most preferred flowers to plant in pots and beds. The botanical name is Phlox paniculata and belongs to the family Polemoniaceae. They are also known as Garden … [Read more...]



Petunias are attractive tubular flowers that bloom in innumerable shades belongs to family Solanaceae.  It is native of South America and was discovered by James Tweedie. There are many species … [Read more...]